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Samsung SGH-L760 social mobile

Blogging and social services and networks became popular more and more. So, producers of mobile phones couldn’t just stay and see this process. As result Sumsung released SGH-L760 – a mobile phone with can help you be not only mobile but social as well. It supports RSS Reader function, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and… Continue reading →

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Samsung SCH-B450 gaming phone

Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 – geek andcool gaming mobile phone. The following features characterize this phone: TV-out, A2DP, a motion sensor for Wii-like interaction, a game-friendly keypad, 3D acceleration, S-DMB reception, Immersion’s VibeTonz, and that clever dual hinge design. The SCH-B450 is released only for Kerean market but you can try its congener – SGH-D307… Continue reading →

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