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Google Docs are very cool and useful service. You can create, modify, share, public, export, import etc your text documents or spreadsheets. Moreover, those documents are compatible with MS Office and Open Office. Now Google added another useful feature – create a new text document (spreadsheet is coming soon) via email. Go to upload page and copy a secret email address. When you send email to this address the text of the message or its attachment (Word, HTML and RTF supported) gets uploaded to Google Docs, with the email subject line as the title.

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3 thoughts on “Upload documents via email”

  1. It is not very clear why I should email it while I might as well just go and upload it directly. I can’t imagine an environment where there is email access but no web access.

  2. I agree with you but it might be useful sometimes. For example, you send some doc as attached file and put bcc this secret address. And the copy of the document will be stored in your Google Docs private space.
    Updated: let’s image that you have slowly dial-up connection. IMHO it’d be better to add doc via email.

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