World Cup 2010 is finished

World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 in the South Africa is finished. I watched and enjoyed almost all games. It was a great occasion for all football fans around the world! one month of hight quality football! I’ll miss it. At least till the middle of August when new European competitions will start – English Premier League, Bundesliga and Champions League.

If you’d like to refresh World Cup 2010 events in your memory have a look that fabulous photo set.

Trip to Italy

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At the beginning of that month we had a vacation in Italy. It was really nice trip. We flew to Roma at 4th August and stayed there three nights. During that time we visited Pompei, Napoli and had full day in Rome. After that we went to Florence and passed Siena and Pisa. Next day we spent in beautiful Florence and next morning we went to Venice. On that way we visited Sirmione and the place where lived Romeo and Juliet Verona. The last day we walked in small city Padua near Venice and at the evening flew back to Larnaca.

For the 8 days we passed about 1500 kilometers! Sure we tired a bit but the we enjoyed the trip very much. Italy is a beautiful place. There are a lot of amazing, legendary places. But Venice is something special! I cannot describe our filling when we walked there or glided in a gondola. It was like a dream. We’d like to return back and spend more time in Rome and Venice.

We made about 1000 photos during our trip. So, I need a time to process them. After that I’ll upload to Picasa the best ones.

Came back from London

Yesterday we came back from our four days holiday in London. We had amazing time. Big Ben, The Houses Of Parliament, London Eye, Tower Bridge … We walked by morning London and saw Buckingham palace without crowd surrounded it. The St James park is also amazing in the morning time.

The weather was nice – it was sunny for two days and just a bit raining in the third day of our holiday. We took a bus excursion around city center and boated by Thames. And walked, walked and walked. We’re tired a bit but we got a lot of impressions. Sure, we make a lot of shots. I need a time to process them and upload to web.

Big maintenance in next Saturday

After a few days booting my home PC with errors in the filesystem I decided to do a big re-installation. Currently I have two HDDs: one with Windows XP and another – with Kubuntu 7.04 and LinuxMCE 0704. The hard drive with Kubuntu is too old and it has some bad blocks. So, I bought a new HDD and scheduled on next Saturday re-install everything to have fresh, working systems. Windows XP will be installed on the same hard drive it presents now. On the new HDD I decided to install Kubuntu 7.10 and then LinuxMCE 0710 from CDs when its stable version will be released. Well, big plans. Let’s see how it will be done.