Eclipse plugins for Maemo Development

Maemo Team recently released a set of plug-ins for Maemo Eclipse integration. It allows developers to use Eclipse IDE to develop and test Maemo applications. Actually, the set contains following parts: maemo PC Connectivity, maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse IDE and maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse IDE.

Maemo PC connectivity makes connection between developer PC and Internet Tablet. Maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse IDE integrates maemo SDK Scratchbox based development environment to the Eclipse development environment. So, developers can do all their work from Eclipse IDE. Maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse IDE allows to develop and test Python application directly on Internet Tablet without using maemo SDK and Scratchbox.

As I see that set of plug-ins will make the process of Maemo development easier and more suitable. I’m going to install Eclipse IDE on my fresh Kubuntu 7.10 and use Maemo PC connectivity with Maemo ESBox plugin for LinuxMCE Orbiter for Nokia770/N800/N810.

[via MaemoGeek]