CakeFest 2011

I couldn’t participate CakeFest 2011 which was on September 1st – 4th in Manchester, UK. But at least I’d see slides of speeches. I found a few of them:


FJAX: Ajax with Flash

Ajax is a standart de-facto for Web 2.0 applications. Using Ajax technology it’s possible to create a flexible and handy web-based user interface. But the computer world is not at a standstill. The new web technology is coming: FJAX. FJAX is a Flash-based implementation of Ajax:

Fjax uses the Flash Player to load a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent SWF to simply get XML from the server. Once it has the XML, it parses it into HTML and then lets JavaScript know it’s ready. JavaScript then gets the HTML from Flash and DHTMLs it into the web page — it uses JavaScript to write (X)HTML/CSS onto the page.

I also started to use Ajax. I didn’t develop something serious yet. But that’s down the road 🙂

[via O’Reilly Radar]