Yet another case for N800

N800 case

This is amazing! I found another case for Nokia N800. It seems that 770/N800 is really popular mobile gadget. The Proporta Nokia n800 Series Alu-Leather Case is an elegant and effective way to protect your device from undesirable influences. It features ‘Screen Saver System’ which uses a sheet of rigid, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium to line the case, protecting your delicate device screen from crushing and impact shocks. Additionally, the case can be used as a support to keep your N800 vertically.

The price of The Proporta Nokia n800 Series Alu-Leather Case is $ 34.95.

Designio Leather Sleeve for N800


Additionally to BoxWave’s FlexiSkin case for N800 you may get Designio Leather Sleeve – a slim leather case that is custom fitted for your Nokia N800. It has a cut-out design for the buttons so that you can see the buttons clearly and keep the same tactile feel as using the Nokia N800 without a case.

Designio Leather Sleeve for N800 is tagged at $29.95.

FlexiSkin for Nokia N800


Recently I wrote about case for Nokia 770. Here is a BoxWave’s FlexiSkin – an ultra low profile skin case for N800. It provides reliable protection from unwanted dust and accidental bumps. It comes in your choice of three colors: Frosted Clear, Jet Black, and Smoke Grey. The FlexiSkin is the simplest way to customize the color of your Nokia N800 🙂

You can read a review of FlexiSkin and buy it just for $20.95.