Accessing the Nokia N800 camera

Linux-based Internet Tablet Nokia N800 is very popular. Even coming N810 is not going to replace it completely (I’m not talking about windows-based Origami). Using Maemo SDK it’s fairly simple develop new applications or porting existing ones. For sure to be success you need a right documentation. Following article from explains obviously how to use N800 camera API.

P. S. The easiest way IMHO to setup Maemo development environment is downloading the Maemo SDK VMware Appliance. It can be run with free VMwave Player which available for both: Linux and Windows.

Yet another case for N800

N800 case

This is amazing! I found another case for Nokia N800. It seems that 770/N800 is really popular mobile gadget. The Proporta Nokia n800 Series Alu-Leather Case is an elegant and effective way to protect your device from undesirable influences. It features ‘Screen Saver System’ which uses a sheet of rigid, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium to line the case, protecting your delicate device screen from crushing and impact shocks. Additionally, the case can be used as a support to keep your N800 vertically.

The price of The Proporta Nokia n800 Series Alu-Leather Case is $ 34.95.

Designio Leather Sleeve for N800


Additionally to BoxWave’s FlexiSkin case for N800 you may get Designio Leather Sleeve – a slim leather case that is custom fitted for your Nokia N800. It has a cut-out design for the buttons so that you can see the buttons clearly and keep the same tactile feel as using the Nokia N800 without a case.

Designio Leather Sleeve for N800 is tagged at $29.95.

FlexiSkin for Nokia N800


Recently I wrote about case for Nokia 770. Here is a BoxWave’s FlexiSkin – an ultra low profile skin case for N800. It provides reliable protection from unwanted dust and accidental bumps. It comes in your choice of three colors: Frosted Clear, Jet Black, and Smoke Grey. The FlexiSkin is the simplest way to customize the color of your Nokia N800 🙂

You can read a review of FlexiSkin and buy it just for $20.95.