E65, alarm and blocked navigation buttons

When I got Nokia E65 last year I faced with strange problem. After alarm was triggered the navigation buttons (including Own key were disabled). To make them work the phone should be restarted. Recently I found solution to solve that (thanks to forum on allnokia.ru). Using Tracker – advanced and fully customizable desktop application we reassign navigation buttons to the same actions. After that all buttons work correctly till Tracker is run.

Sure it isn’t a perfect solution but at least it works 🙂

Fring brings VoIP to iPhone

Fring on iPhone

Yesterday a Fring for iPhone was pre-released. It brought VoIP over WiFi and IM functionality to stylish and power Apple’s smartphone. Now all iPhone owners will be able to use Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! & AIM ob their devices.

I use Fring on my Nokia E65 a few months. It’s really nice and useful. Sure, there is a native Gizmo application for S60. But Fring offers much more features.

[via Zatz Not Funny!]

Skype for Linux with video support

Skype for Linux

Recently I installed the latest Skype for Linux ( on my both systems: Fedora 8 and Kubuntu 7.04. I was surprised because the video calls really work. We talked with one of my friends about 40 minutes (he uses Windows). The quality of sound and picture is good (we both have DSL Internet connection). Not sure how it’ll be for dial-up.

Currently I cannot test Skype with video on Nokia Internet Tablet. Because my N810 isn’t shipped yet from UK. Also I’m not sure that Skype development team built that version for Maemo.

Smile Measurement Software

Smile Measurement Software

Omron released a very interesting piece of technology “Smile Measurement Software”. As you can see on the picture above the application is able to detect the smile factor of one or several people on a scale of 0% to 100%:

“The software measures’ how much a subject is smiling and outputs a ‘smile factor’ on a scale of 0 to 100% 3D face mapping technology ensures accurate smile detection and measurement even if the subject is not looking directly at the camera, something which other technologies on the market have not always been able to do, and which opens up avenues for applications in mobile devices.”

The Omron’s Smile Measurement Software doesn’t take a lot of computer resources and is small enough to be embedded on an IC chip for mobile apps.

[via Engadget]

Listen your favourite RSS

Odiogo software

Using Odiogo software which contst only $29.99 you can easily to listen your favourite RSS:

Odiogo downloads your favorite RSS news and blog feeds and converts the text into spoken word—easily heard on your MP3 player, when and where you want. In other words, you can convert any RSS news and blog feed into a Podcast!

It’s really cool and it may save a lot of time. Especially for citizen of megapolises. While you go to work in subway, for example, you already know all latest news.