Traffic jams map with camera view from Yandex

Russian company Yandex which offers a lot of useful services and has Google’s vision of the web business (IMHO) recently announced Moscow map map with traffic jams and live cameras view! That’s really cool service and I didn’t see anything similar before. Additionally there are panoramic views. Similar as Google has.

I’m waiting when the live cameras will be added for St. Petersburg. Or at least panoramic views. Sometimes I’m missing it.

Perl on Rails

BBC developers has announced its own Perl MVC framework – Perl on Rails. As you can understand from its name the new framework is similar to Ruby on Rails. The BBC Programmes was developed using the Perl on Rails.

Actually, there is a few Perl MVC frameworks like Catalyst, Ganty, Maypole or Jifty. If Perl on Rails will be released as open source it’ll make the popular program language more attractive to develop enterprise applications.

Google Presentation is released


As many of you may know Google offers on-line versions of Word and Excel as Google Docs package. Recently new application was added there – Presentation. Now you can forget about MS Office completely. It’s so easy to create, modify or just view any well-known documents including presentations. The next step I guess will be a possibility to work with Google Docs off-line similar way as it’s done for Reader.

MOSH Beta by Nokia

Nokia MOSH

Nokia lunched MOSH Betaa content sharing site where community members upload, distribute and manage content to be viewed and enjoyed on mobile devices. The new service is oriented on Nokia mobile devices users only (to use it you have to install a special application on the your device). So, if you’re not Nokia fan this service is definitely not for your. But if you have a Nokia770 or N800 or some other advanced mobile device from Nokia try it. Maybe you’ll find what do you really need.

P. S. Moshing is a type of dance characterized by audience members aggressively pushing or slamming into each other.

Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop

Here is a new book – Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop, which describes all aspects to develop Perl powered web applications using modern Perl framework Gantry and its part – a web application data language processor Bigtop:

Gantry and Bigtop make starting a Perl powered web application almost painless. After initial start up, they are the tools you need to implement complex applications using the full power of Perl and its famous CPAN code archive during your code’s full life cycle.

Basically, this book is tutorial and reference in one. It should be enough to start your first Gantry application. You can choose between traditional paperback book ($20.95) and moder ebook ($6.25).
For more information see the Gantry project page.

Scribd – “YouTube for Documents”

Scribd, a site for sharing documents, is coming out of private beta this week:

Scribd is most easily described as a text version of YouTube. It is a social network that lets you tag, share, and comment on uploaded documents (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, .ps, .lit).

Documents can be displayed and embedded as HTML or the under-utilized, and faster-than-a-PDF, Flash paper format. They can be downloaded as .pdf’s, .docs, .txt, and even .mp3 files. The MP3 version is created by Scribd’s text-to-speech package (powered by Nuance) that lets you listen to the text of your document in a quivering British accent

[via TechCrunch]

Eyejot: web based video email: web based video email

video email
Here is a new player in the web services battle – Eyejot. Eyejot is a web based email client which allows to create, send and receive video emails. It’s very easy to create the video email using your webcam.
Other features include: private delivery, permission-based address book, integrates with mobile devices, integrates with iTunes/RSS, connects to any camera. And finally, Eyejot team said that it supports Windows, Mac and Linux! so, try it and enjoy!

Gizmo Call brings VoIP to the browser

Gizmo Call

The builders of Gizmo Project have just unveiled Gizmo Call, which allows you to make phone calls from your browser, using a Flash-based mini-app. You get five minutes a day of free calls to any phone line, along with unlimited free calls to users of Google Talk, Windows Live, Gizmo Project and any other SIP service.