Elegant way to hide power cables


BlueLonge offers a simple and elegant way to hide power cables and surge protectors. It’s is a Cablebox. It has stylish design and available in black and white colors. Cablebox can be pre-ordered just for $29.95.

I think I’ll buy the Cablebox. But if BlueLonge doesn’t make shipping to Cyprus I’ll find something similar in some DIY shop and will use it. Thanks to it for idea šŸ™‚

Organize devices on the desk

After we moved to the new flat I decided to put my computer devices more efficient on the my small desk. I followed by brief guide of Van Mardian and mounted an ADSL modem and WiFi router under my desk. I don’t have so much devices which can be mount such manner but I got some free space on the desk. The next step is to mount power extender there as well.

Thanks to Lifehacker for a good point.