Gift idea: Plantronics Discovery 925


Bluetooth handset Plantronics Discovery 925 can be a really good Christmas present for web workers. It’s stylish and elegant. The headset offers a hight quality voice and adaptive noise reduction. But the most interesting feature in my mind is ability to connect to the mobile and PC in the same time. So, you can make mobile or Skype call using one headset.

The handset Plantronics Discovery 925 is available in black, gold, cerise, royal blush and majectic purple colors. So, it’ll suit both men and women. Its price an expensive a bit – $149.95, but it’s good investments.

E65, alarm and blocked navigation buttons

When I got Nokia E65 last year I faced with strange problem. After alarm was triggered the navigation buttons (including Own key were disabled). To make them work the phone should be restarted. Recently I found solution to solve that (thanks to forum on Using Tracker – advanced and fully customizable desktop application we reassign navigation buttons to the same actions. After that all buttons work correctly till Tracker is run.

Sure it isn’t a perfect solution but at least it works 🙂

Nokia announced Qt Extended mobile platform

It seems that Nokia is going to produce a competitor of Android platform:

Nokia announced today the launch of Qt Extended 4.4, a complete mobile and embedded development platform based on the open source Qt toolkit. It is designed with a modular architecture that provides building blocks for assembling a Linux-based software stack for various embedded devices ranging from phones to set-top boxes.

Nokia already has a good experience with open software – see its Internet Tables family. Not sure who will be a winner – Android or Qt Extended. But any competition is definitely good for growth of mobile devices industry.

MOSH Beta by Nokia

Nokia MOSH

Nokia lunched MOSH Betaa content sharing site where community members upload, distribute and manage content to be viewed and enjoyed on mobile devices. The new service is oriented on Nokia mobile devices users only (to use it you have to install a special application on the your device). So, if you’re not Nokia fan this service is definitely not for your. But if you have a Nokia770 or N800 or some other advanced mobile device from Nokia try it. Maybe you’ll find what do you really need.

P. S. Moshing is a type of dance characterized by audience members aggressively pushing or slamming into each other.

YouTube-mania is continuing

LG KU990

Right after Samsung’s SGH-L760 LG announced its YuoTube-enable mobile phone KU990. Integration with YouTube allows not only watch video but submit videos to the site straight from the phone as well. Thanks to the 5-megapixel camera you may do good clips. The KU990 also sports 3-inch touchscreen, a built-in FM radio, MP3 player and microSD card slot. Sure, the HSDPA connectivity is nice but WiFi for communication with YouTube would be better choice.

There are no word on pricing or availability yet.

[via Engadget]

Mobile phones are crowing very fast. Now most of them allow to browse Internet comfortably. So, mobile Internet users need to have a place to store their bookmarks online. The same manner as, for example. New online service offers such possibility. Have a look the project page and create account if you need it 🙂

[via Lifehacker]

Nov 20, 2006 4:42 PM LG VX9900 in Verizon

This cool mobile communicator is available now in Verizon with full retail pricing at $320.00, one year contract is $200.00, and a two year contract is $149.99. LG VX9900 features a 2.0-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, miniSD card slot, and a host of productivity applications.

[via TechEBlog]