12 ways to extend of your Twittering

Twitter Logo

Twitter is a bit strange service. At the first view it’s not useful at all and absolutely chaotic. But it offers amazing functionality for extending and delivering different type of messages. SimpleHelp posted 12 web applications based on twitter which can make your life easier. What you can do with those applications? Get information about some places from MultiMap or about current weather, know how much fuel do you use, send some message to the group of people, setup alarm, track your FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL package, search for books, DVDs and music on Amazon.com, connect to your Google Calendar, Remember The Milk or eBay account. Really amazing, isn’t it?

BTW, I registered on the Remember The Milk and created a few tasks. Will see if it’s more suitable for me then Toodledo.

Alternative for TinyURL

Short URL
Some times it’s needed to cut URL before posting it somewhere. For example, in Twitter. There is a famous service which does that called TinyURL. It makes association between original and short URLs and keeps it on its side. So, you can use that short version instead of log original URL.

But the progress doesn’t stop and as result we have at least 8 alternatives for TinyURL. One of them is Short URL Service. In addition to the base functionality of handing you back short links, it also adds built-in visitor and hit tracking, tags, expiration dates for links, password-protected links, and bulk submission.

Personally, I use TinyURL quite often. I like it and I like Firefox plug-in TinyURL Creator. It allows to integrate TinyURL service directly into browser which makes creation of short URLs very handy.

[via Web Worker Daily]

Personalize your virtual desktop


If you’re working in web you need to have something similar to office desk. It may help your potential customers to gain some insight about you and your business before they start talk with you. One possible place to organize your working place online is Facebook. Sure it can be used just for fun as many others social services. But those 12 tips will help you use Facebook professionally. My favorite is “Limit time wasted on Facebook”. IMHO, it’s very important. “Facebook is a black hole. In order to get the most of Facebook, you have to be on the platform.” Sure, you may spend whole day paling with applications, but you have to work! Don’t forget it. Facebook should work for you but it shouldn’t be opposite 🙂

[via Web Worker Daily]

Check your popularity with popuri.us


Here is a new, useful service – popuri.us. It gets information from several places – Alexa and Google; backlink numbers from the likes of Google, Live Search and Yahoo; bookmark numbers from del.icio.us; and subscriber numbers from Bloglines and displays it on one page. Sure this service is a good example of Web 2.0 technology. Have a look it and have fun 🙂

[via Lifehacker]

Quick Capture with YouTube

YouTube has introduced a new service on their website called “Quick Capture” which allows the user to record video directly to the YouTube website:

The new service utilizes Adobe’s Flash Player API to connect to the video capture device. Everytime you go to the Quick Capture page, you’ll have to give permission to the Flash Player to access your video capture device and your microphone. Once permission is granted, all you need to do is fill out the information on the left hand side which includes the title, description, tags, video category, and language of the video. Then press record and watch the video get automatically saved to the website. There’s no encoding converion performed on your PC – everything is passed straight onto YouTube.

Manage your work hours

Toggl is online service offerred time and meeting tracking. You can keep your working time only or manage your team. It’s possible create unlimited number of projects and users using free basic functionality. You can invite other users in your projectes with the invitation function. Additionally, Toggl offers record meeting agendas, post future meeting dates, and archive past meetings so that the entire team can stay synchronized.
Personally, I use myHours to track my working hours. I like it becaose it has a pretty simple user interface and all functionality which I need. Maybe I’ll try Toggl as well. Who knows probably it’s much better.

Yet another Online Spreadsheet

EditGrid is the new kid in the Online Spreadsheet Comunity. It offers whole (almost) set of MS Excel features and more: allows multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously, uses web browser as user interface, allows to do export/import in many formats, offers API to use of EditGrid in your application.

Other online spreadsheets:

Here is a comparison matrix between EditGrid, Google Spreadsheet and WikiCalc.

This kind of applications are good and useful for the individuals and small companies. But there is a problem of privacy (I’m talking about services similar Google Spreadsheet). When you store some sensitive information on the server of third part company you should trust it. Or you should be ready that your documents will play against you.