Next generation of Nokia Internet Tablet

Nokia Internet Tablet

The next generation of Nokia Internet Tablet will sport 3G HSPA, a TI OMAP3 processor, OpenGL graphics accelerator, and will run Maemo 5 OS the first release of which SDK was done recently. Supporting of 3G network will give more choices for people to stay online.

[via The Nokia Blog]

E65, alarm and blocked navigation buttons

When I got Nokia E65 last year I faced with strange problem. After alarm was triggered the navigation buttons (including Own key were disabled). To make them work the phone should be restarted. Recently I found solution to solve that (thanks to forum on Using Tracker – advanced and fully customizable desktop application we reassign navigation buttons to the same actions. After that all buttons work correctly till Tracker is run.

Sure it isn’t a perfect solution but at least it works 🙂

Nokia announced Qt Extended mobile platform

It seems that Nokia is going to produce a competitor of Android platform:

Nokia announced today the launch of Qt Extended 4.4, a complete mobile and embedded development platform based on the open source Qt toolkit. It is designed with a modular architecture that provides building blocks for assembling a Linux-based software stack for various embedded devices ranging from phones to set-top boxes.

Nokia already has a good experience with open software – see its Internet Tables family. Not sure who will be a winner – Android or Qt Extended. But any competition is definitely good for growth of mobile devices industry.

Setup Fring on N810

Fring logo
Fring is amazing application which brings Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN amd more to mobile phone. I already installed it on my Nokia E65 and it works pretty cool. But recently I found info about availability Fring for Nokia N800 and N810. So, I decided to install it on my N810 as well. N810 already includes Skype, Gizmo and SIP client. But it’s really good idea to have one application which provides many IM options.

Installation was easy as usually. But after that I couldn’t run Fring because it needed
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
The simple workaround is to make a symlink on
sudo gainroot
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

It might be also interesting for all iPhone owners that there is a Fring version for Apple device as well.

Android run on N810

Android on N810

Realise of Google’s mobile platform Android is one of the most coming events this year. So, Maemo geeks couldn’t ignore it. Result of their hacks is possibility to run Android on N810 (see the picture above). If you’re interested to have it on your tablet have a look that page from eLinux project wiki. At present time the is down. I suspect that too many Nokia’s Internet Tablet owners want to run Android on their devices. Personally I don’t see any reason to do that (the same as to install KDE on N810) except of spending time for fun. But this is my opinion and you may have different one, of course.

In any case, it’s cool hack and somebody may find it useful.

[via Planet Maemo]

Eclipse plugins for Maemo Development

Maemo Team recently released a set of plug-ins for Maemo Eclipse integration. It allows developers to use Eclipse IDE to develop and test Maemo applications. Actually, the set contains following parts: maemo PC Connectivity, maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse IDE and maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse IDE.

Maemo PC connectivity makes connection between developer PC and Internet Tablet. Maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse IDE integrates maemo SDK Scratchbox based development environment to the Eclipse development environment. So, developers can do all their work from Eclipse IDE. Maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse IDE allows to develop and test Python application directly on Internet Tablet without using maemo SDK and Scratchbox.

As I see that set of plug-ins will make the process of Maemo development easier and more suitable. I’m going to install Eclipse IDE on my fresh Kubuntu 7.10 and use Maemo PC connectivity with Maemo ESBox plugin for LinuxMCE Orbiter for Nokia770/N800/N810.

[via MaemoGeek]

Google Gears on Nokia Internet Tablets

Google Gears was ported to Nokia’s Linux-based Internet Tablet platform Maemo. This port allows you to install the Gears extension to devices like Nokia’s N800 and N810:

The code is in a SVN repository with vendor branches. The changes should be relatively easy to spot (svn diff). The changes are not well- engineered, rather they just indicate the difference between gecko 1.8 and 1.9. This is to keep the delta as small as possible. In practice, if these modifications are wanted in the main codebase, the changes should be done a bit differently (==build abstractions around thread queues).

For more information, please, read this.

This is not fresh news but still. I like idea of Google Gears to work with on-line content without Internet connection and then synchronize the results. And I like the idea to port it to Maemo platform (especially taking into account that my N810 was shipped today from UK to Cyprus). So, let’s see and help to Kimmo Kinnunen to tune Google Gears for Maemo.

[via Devphone]

Perfect birthday present


Yesterday I got amazing present on my birthday. My dearest wife Maria gave me a Nokia E65! That’s cool smartphone with the latest Symbian OS, WiFi and VoIP. I just started to discover the phone. Because it’s radically different than my old Sony Ericsson K700i. Anyway, I’m really happy to have such gadget and I hope it help me to organize my work better 🙂