Google Gears on Nokia Internet Tablets

Google Gears was ported to Nokia’s Linux-based Internet Tablet platform Maemo. This port allows you to install the Gears extension to devices like Nokia’s N800 and N810:

The code is in a SVN repository with vendor branches. The changes should be relatively easy to spot (svn diff). The changes are not well- engineered, rather they just indicate the difference between gecko 1.8 and 1.9. This is to keep the delta as small as possible. In practice, if these modifications are wanted in the main codebase, the changes should be done a bit differently (==build abstractions around thread queues).

For more information, please, read this.

This is not fresh news but still. I like idea of Google Gears to work with on-line content without Internet connection and then synchronize the results. And I like the idea to port it to Maemo platform (especially taking into account that my N810 was shipped today from UK to Cyprus). So, let’s see and help to Kimmo Kinnunen to tune Google Gears for Maemo.

[via Devphone]

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