Edit your photos online


If you need to edit your photo but you don’t have Photoshop on your PC Phixr can help you do this online. It is a pretty advanced online photo editor and offers functionality similar to Photoshop Elements. Additionally, Phixr allows to import images from Flickr, Fotopic, Photobucket, Picasa, Smugmug, and Webshots, as well as from any URL and from your local hard drive. After editing the photo can be saved as a JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF or perform OCR (text recognition). Also it can be emailed or uploaded to all of the above, as well as Buzznet, Costco, DropShots, Fotolog, ImageShack, or LiveJournal.

There are at list five similar online services:

So, you have a choice 🙂

UPDATE: Petri Piirainen pointed me to another online tool for image editing – improveyourimages.com. It provides automated solution natural looking and consistent results. It uses innovative method which detects the illumination that was existent when the original photo was taken, detecting any errors of the imaging devices. Better results are achieved through advanced modelling of physics (photonics and color science).

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Track the web with Listio


If you’re web geek you might be interested to see all Web applications in one place. New web 2.0 project – Listio offers you that possibility. You can find application by category or rating, read info, vote and so on.

Listio might be interesting also for web application owners. There is a possibility to add your product into catalog and it will be definitely good promotion for your service. So, everybody should find Listio useful 🙂

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Track your time with myhours.com

To take stock of your working time try myhours.com. It’s simple but power on-line application allows to create project, assign some task to it and add a time spending to resolve the task. The myhours.com has clear interface without some web 2.0 features but quite enough to store and get working time. It’s possible to generate report based on project or dates, build some charts, send result by email as Excel, PDF or plain text file.

I’m not sure is myhours.com is appropriate tool for teams. But it’s the best IMHO for individual using.

Keep your notes online

Since we’re using Internet actively we try to move our stuff on-line. Here is a list of seven web-based applications to store notes on-line:

At the beginning I tried to use Google Notebook but I found it too complicated and uncomfortable for such simple task as storing notes. The second was Notefish. I still use it and don’t want to move somewhere else.

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Eyejot: web based video email: web based video email

video email
Here is a new player in the web services battle – Eyejot. Eyejot is a web based email client which allows to create, send and receive video emails. It’s very easy to create the video email using your webcam.
Other features include: private delivery, permission-based address book, integrates with mobile devices, integrates with iTunes/RSS, connects to any camera. And finally, Eyejot team said that it supports Windows, Mac and Linux! so, try it and enjoy!