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Since we’re using Internet actively we try to move our stuff on-line. Here is a list of seven web-based applications to store notes on-line:

At the beginning I tried to use Google Notebook but I found it too complicated and uncomfortable for such simple task as storing notes. The second was Notefish. I still use it and don’t want to move somewhere else.

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  1. I ended up using GMail. I set up one of those email addresses with automatic filtering and labeling of incoming messages. Then I installed Gogle Toolbar for Firefox and now I have a handy button “Send to GMail”. I can send regular emails or selected portions of web pages – it all works very well. I can even keep several notes about the same thing together by just replying to the original message.

    It turned out better than any other note application that I’ve tried.

  2. Cool! But how you suppose to create a note which does not contain information from web page? Something like To bring up DSL connection run ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0

  3. Nice service, KaoS. It’s extremely simple but power 🙂 I played a bit with yPen but when I tried to register it gave me 404 error – page not found 🙂

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