Perfect birthday present


Yesterday I got amazing present on my birthday. My dearest wife Maria gave me a Nokia E65! That’s cool smartphone with the latest Symbian OS, WiFi and VoIP. I just started to discover the phone. Because it’s radically different than my old Sony Ericsson K700i. Anyway, I’m really happy to have such gadget and I hope it help me to organize my work better 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Perfect birthday present”

  1. Hey Michael, congrats for your present, I have an E65 too, a great tool for this days, I’m really enjoying some E65 features as the wifi navigation, Opera mini or the RSS reader.

    BTW great blog!

  2. Thanks guys! The phone is really cool. But there is at least one annoying thing. I installed an alarm application (Y-Alarm). So after it rings to wake up me some keys became unavailable. For example, Own Key or Contacts. After reboot phone they are ok till the next alarm ring. Basically, I tried several alarm applications with the same result.

  3. Tried HandyAlarm (not HandyClock) as well. But the result is the same. What version of firmware do you have on your E65? I have 2.0633.65.01, 03-10-07, RM-208 (just press *#0000# on your mobile)

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