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Traffic jams map with camera view from Yandex

Russian company Yandex which offers a lot of useful services and has Google’s vision of the web business (IMHO) recently announced Moscow map map with traffic jams and live cameras view! That’s really cool service and I didn’t see anything similar before. Additionally there are panoramic views. Similar as Google has. I’m waiting when the… Continue reading →

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Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop

Here is a new book – Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop, which describes all aspects to develop Perl powered web applications using modern Perl framework Gantry and its part – a web application data language processor Bigtop: Gantry and Bigtop make starting a Perl powered web application almost painless. After initial start up,… Continue reading →

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Eyejot: web based video email: web based video email

Here is a new player in the web services battle – Eyejot. Eyejot is a web based email client which allows to create, send and receive video emails. It’s very easy to create the video email using your webcam. Other features include: private delivery, permission-based address book, integrates with mobile devices, integrates with iTunes/RSS, connects… Continue reading →

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