SIM Card Keeper

SIM card keeper

It is no secret that people store all needed phone numbers in their mobile phone but not in their heads. Therefore is good idea to backup this information somewhere. You can use your PC or SIM Card Information Backup Machine. This cute bug can save your time when you decide to change your SIM card or lose your phone. It’s just $7.34 and 0.075 kg. Bee cool!

[via Red Ferret Journal]

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6 thoughts on “SIM Card Keeper”

  1. Oh jeeeee i love it πŸ™‚
    Add that up to the google mouse pad with USB ports πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes, you’re right. But there is a possibility to copy all contacs from the phone to the SIM and vice versa. It’s useful if you change our phone, for example.

  3. Copying contacts to SIM card only preserves name (of it is short enough) and one phone number. Or maybe it can save three numebrs as three separate entries, which is unacceptable. How about address, notes, maybe even photo? For me, SIM card it does not work. I’d prefer using syncml with some free service like to backup my contacts and synchronize them between my and my wife’s phones.

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