Maverics at work

I came across this post of GuyKawasaki about new book – “Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win”. Here is an brief interview with Polly LaBarre who is the co-author of this book:

Mavericks are so different, so edgy, and so independent of spirit that their personal style or message may not appeal to everyone. But that’s precisely the point: mavericks are defined by the power and originality of their ideas. They stand out from the crowd because they stand for something truly unique. What’s more, they take stands-against the status quo, in defiance of the industry elite-and offer compelling alternatives to business as usual.

And also the quote which I like very much:

Question: Do mavericks drive out bozos or do bozos drive out mavericks?
Answer: Both. Bozos tend to drive mavericks out of a company-but mavericks often go on to create companies that drive bozo companies out of business.

The new era of business is coming and now it’s time to choose who’re you: maverick or bozo.

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