New mozilla-based for N810 browser much faster then MicroB

Fennec vs MicroB

Good news. The Firefox 3 is gonna be released soon. There is a big list of improvement such reducing of memory usage, increasing of performance etc. In parallel developers are working with mobile version of web browser based on Firefox 3 beta 4 source code. It’s named Fennec. According to tests it 5.9x faster than MicroB which is based on Firefox Alpha 1 (see chart). Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can try Fennec now. Go to that page and install it. It’ll appear in the Extras category on your N810. Note that Fennec still doesn’t support soft keyboard. So, it isn’t recommended to install it on N800. But on N810 it should work fine.

I’m gonna try Fennec on my N810. It doesn’t replace default browser (as MicroB does). So, it’s a good opportunity to have a fast web browser and help to test it.

[via Christopher Blizzard]

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