Holiday’s finished …

Our holiday in St Petersburg has finished πŸ™ and again we should go to work :(. But the holiday was fantastic: we walked on historic center of St Petersburg and Pushkin, we were in the Theatre of Comedy and watched very nice spectacle, we met our parents and friends, we were in the night club.
Also we are owners of digital camera – “Canon Power Shot S60”. So, we made about 200 photos in St Petersburg (I’ll upload them soon and write my impressions of the holiday). For the moment you can see small part of them.

Hurrah!!! It’s a Holiday!!!

Well, it’s time to get rest πŸ™‚
Holliday’s came! And we are going to go to St Petersburg.
We are planning to go to theatres, museums, night clubs. Sure
We are going to see our friends and walk in the historic center of the St Petersburg.
I hope that this holiday will be nice.
Also, I won’t have time and possibility to update my blog and cinema schedule during two weeks.
(I don’t think that it’s a big problem πŸ˜‰ ))
See you after holiday!

Natural trail “Kallidonia Falls”

Troodos Map
We went to Troodos three weeks ago and walked by the way to Kallidonia Falls. We started from Psilo Dendro and passed 2 km to the first waterfall.
We went along small mountain stream (I don’t understand why it was called “Kryos Potamos river” … Well, maybe it looks like a river in the sprint time πŸ™‚ ) and enjoyed silence, fresheness and beautiful view. Also, we made a few photos.

Natural trail “Kalidonia Falls”
Starting point: About 700m from the road between Troodos and Platres near the President’s summer residence. Also accessible via a forest road which begins at the tourist road 2 kms from the Square.
Length: 3 kms Time: 1 1/2 hours
Points of interest: The trail follows a course along Kryos Potamos river, which never runs dry. It posses the Kalidonia Falls and ends at Psilo Dendro, in Pano Platres.