Gift idea: Plantronics Discovery 925


Bluetooth handset Plantronics Discovery 925 can be a really good Christmas present for web workers. It’s stylish and elegant. The headset offers a hight quality voice and adaptive noise reduction. But the most interesting feature in my mind is ability to connect to the mobile and PC in the same time. So, you can make mobile or Skype call using one headset.

The handset Plantronics Discovery 925 is available in black, gold, cerise, royal blush and majectic purple colors. So, it’ll suit both men and women. Its price an expensive a bit – $149.95, but it’s good investments.

Recycle bin for digital content


TEMPO is stylish and useful gadget for all who use computer. We all know that all deleted files are moved to the virtual recycle bin which actually a special directory in your OS. So, there is a way to recover data deleted by mistake. If you don’t clean your trash of course. TEMPO offers safer way to store your deleted stuff. Actually, it’s an external storage (about 250Gb) which looks like a little recycling bin. It communicates with your PC via Bluetooth to backup all deleted files. Series colored LEDs on the side of the device indicates how full the “bin” is. There is an only one big disadvantage of TEMPO – it supports Windows and Mac only. So, Linux geeks should be careful when they delete something from the HDD 😉

Bluetooth Hub and Cardreader

Card reader and bluetooth hub

ThinkGeek announced a cool and useful gadget – Bluetooth Hub and Cardreader. Bluetooth hub allows to connect your phone, PDA, printer, headset, mouse, keyboard, or whatever you’ve got that supports Bluetooth 1.2 to your PC. The range of hub is about 20 meters.
The cardreader supports up to 52 types of memory cards. It should be more than enough. The gadget supports USB 2.0 with transfer rate up to 480 Mbps. The price of Bluetooth Hub and Cardreader is $29.