Fedora Core 6 and Acrobat Reader

After I loose my previous work environment I decided to install Fedora Core 6 released last month. It looks nice and works faster. But I found a big troubles with using Adobe Acrobat Reader. I downloaded RPM from Adobe site and installed it. But when I tried to open it I saw just continiusly repeated messages:
expr: syntax error
After five minutes of googling I found the solution:

1. Open file /usr/bin/acroread as root

2. Find the row 418
echo $mfile| sed 's/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g'

3. Replace it by
echo $mfile| sed 's/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]*\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g'

4. Find the row 644

5. Replace it by

After this simple patching Acrobat Reader works fine.