Fedora Core 6 and Acrobat Reader

After I loose my previous work environment I decided to install Fedora Core 6 released last month. It looks nice and works faster. But I found a big troubles with using Adobe Acrobat Reader. I downloaded RPM from Adobe site and installed it. But when I tried to open it I saw just continiusly repeated messages:
expr: syntax error
After five minutes of googling I found the solution:

1. Open file /usr/bin/acroread as root

2. Find the row 418
echo $mfile| sed 's/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g'

3. Replace it by
echo $mfile| sed 's/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]*\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g'

4. Find the row 644

5. Replace it by

After this simple patching Acrobat Reader works fine.

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4 thoughts on “Fedora Core 6 and Acrobat Reader”

  1. Why do you use Acrobat Reader on FC6? There is a bunch of PDF viewers available there which IMHO are better than Acrobat Reader.

    Is there any specific reason you like Acrobat Reader?

  2. We use Acrobat plugin in Firefox in our Billing System to display print view of documents. But anyway, which PDF reader better than Acrobat you can suggest me?

  3. Thank you for the tip. I had had the same problems with Acrobat Reader after I updated my Ubuntu 6.10. Now it’s working fine.

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