Perl on Rails

BBC developers has announced its own Perl MVC framework – Perl on Rails. As you can understand from its name the new framework is similar to Ruby on Rails. The BBC Programmes was developed using the Perl on Rails.

Actually, there is a few Perl MVC frameworks like Catalyst, Ganty, Maypole or Jifty. If Perl on Rails will be released as open source it’ll make the popular program language more attractive to develop enterprise applications.

Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop

Here is a new book – Building Web Applications with Gantry and Bigtop, which describes all aspects to develop Perl powered web applications using modern Perl framework Gantry and its part – a web application data language processor Bigtop:

Gantry and Bigtop make starting a Perl powered web application almost painless. After initial start up, they are the tools you need to implement complex applications using the full power of Perl and its famous CPAN code archive during your code’s full life cycle.

Basically, this book is tutorial and reference in one. It should be enough to start your first Gantry application. You can choose between traditional paperback book ($20.95) and moder ebook ($6.25).
For more information see the Gantry project page.