Chat with AIM, Yahoo! and MSN buddies from Gizmo.


Gizmo Project, a Skype competitor, announced a support AIM, Yahoo! and MSN. Now you can chat or talk with your buddies just adding them into your Gizmo contact list. Simple instruction can be found by typing “Help” in the chat window or online.

Gizmo Project is available for Internet Tablet Nokia770/N800 and it’s used for LJ Talk. Advantage of Gizmo Project is that it’s based on open protocol Jabber but Skype uses its own proprietary protocol.

Gizmo Call brings VoIP to the browser

Gizmo Call

The builders of Gizmo Project have just unveiled Gizmo Call, which allows you to make phone calls from your browser, using a Flash-based mini-app. You get five minutes a day of free calls to any phone line, along with unlimited free calls to users of Google Talk, Windows Live, Gizmo Project and any other SIP service.