Samsung SGH-L760 social mobile

Samsung  SGH-L760

Blogging and social services and networks became popular more and more. So, producers of mobile phones couldn’t just stay and see this process. As result Sumsung released SGH-L760 – a mobile phone with can help you be not only mobile but social as well. It supports RSS Reader function, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and sports 2M camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The SGH-L760 allows to upload video to YouTube by pressing just 2 or 3 buttons. Also, it’s integrated with blog hostings like Ublog and Buzznet.

As I see the SGH-L760 misses two useful for social functionality features: WiFi and touchscreen. But integration with blogs and YouTube is good sign 🙂

P. S. I like Twitter which can make social any mobile phone with SMS support 🙂

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Samsung’s Q1 Ultra released
Yesterday Samsung released a second generation its UMPC Q1 Ultra. It was done exactly a year after the Q1 first arrived on shelves 7th May 2006.
The Q1 Ultra UMPC features the new Intel Ultra Mobile Processor running at a clock speed of 600 or 800 MHz, along with 1 GB of high speed DDR2 system memory. Aslo the Q1 Ultra is equipped with a seven-inch wide WSVGA LCD touch screen that boasts a native, high-resolution of 1024 x 600. The new, LED backlit LCD supports 300nits of brightness, making the Q1 Ultra ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The Q1 Ultra supports a minimum of 4.5 hours of continuous run time. The Q1 Ultra continues to push the connectivity boundaries, by including integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and the factory optional 3.5G HSDPA cellular modem. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows XP Tablet Edition operating systems are supported, enabling full PC compatibility with all applications.
The Q1 Ultra has not only exciting features but also it’s tagged at good price – $799 only (the previous model cost more than $1000!). So, it’s good tendency!

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Samsung SCH-B450 gaming phone


Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 – geek andcool gaming mobile phone. The following features characterize this phone: TV-out, A2DP, a motion sensor for Wii-like interaction, a game-friendly keypad, 3D acceleration, S-DMB reception, Immersion’s VibeTonz, and that clever dual hinge design.
The SCH-B450 is released only for Kerean market but you can try its congener – SGH-D307 which oriented to business application.

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