Sony Mylo 2

Sony Milo 2

Since the first release of Sony’s personal WiFi communicator it was improved a lot. The Mylo 2 has a 4.5-inch 800 x 450 touchscreen, 1GB of internal memory and a 1.3-megapixel camera. MiniUSB port or WiFi can be used for communication with the world. The installed software includes following: Flash Lite 3 for online video (such as YouTube and Google Video), a Netfront-based browser, IM client (supporting AIM, Gtalk and Yahoo! IM), Skype, podcast client and RSS aggregator. Additionally the mylo 2 has widget system which is compatible with web gadgets such Facebook or Google. Music and video fans will be happy to play back WMA/PlaysForSure DRM, MP3, AAC, ATRAC and MPEG-4 files on their gadget.

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The Sony Mylo 2 is expected to be available this month at $300. BTW, I’m waiting delivery my Nokia N810 from UK. It’s a bit more expensive than Mylo 2 but it’s more featured too. Hope it’ll be on Cyprus next week.

LocationFree TV on PSP

Somy PSP
Sony is going to offer LocationFree TV, its revolutionary service that lets you record and watch programmes from your home country no matter where you are in the world. The idea is pretty simple. You setup a Base Station to your home’s video sources – for example a Sky box + DVD recorder + broadband internet connection and install some special software on internet-enabled video devices – a laptop or a Sony Playstation Portable – PSP. You can connect to your Base station via Internet and watch TV programmes on your PSP or schedule a recording on DVD recorder or play DVD on your DVD player connected to the Base station. Sony calls this cool solution NetAV.
Once I played a bit with PSP. It’s nice to play some games or watch video. There is a possibility to surf Internet but non-touchable display makes a navigation a little bit difficult.

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