Daily Archives: January 3, 2005

Apache + MYSQL + Perl + PHP = XAMPP

Apache Friends has built a very useful tool for web developers XAMPP. There are three XAMPP distributions: for Linux, Windows and Solaris. XAMPP for Linux contains following components: Apache, MySQL, PHP & PEAR, Perl, ProFTPD, phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL, GD, Freetype2, libjpeg, libpng, gdbm, zlib, expat, Sablotron, libxml, Ming, Webalizer, PDF class, ncurses, mod_perl, FreeTDS, gettext, mcrypt,… Continue reading →

LiveJournal Inside

Many of you know about livejournal. It’s the internet community which unites millions people from the many countries and bases on OpenSource Software! I’ve already written about tools which used to build that site. In my opinion, one of the best way to develop high quality applications by yourself is to study others high quality… Continue reading →

Ford Escort Tuning

As I’ve written before we’ve bought “Ford Escort”. That’s way I’ve spent some time to find Internet resources about “Ford”. I was impressed when I saw those pictures! It turned out, that it’s possible to transform this simple car into aggressive street race bolide!

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