Ford offers fantastic communication system together with Microsoft

Ford Sync

The name of a wireless hands-free communication and entertainment system is Sync. For $395 you get possibility to connect various devices such mobile phones, portable media players etc to your car audio system. Additionally Sync includes integrated diagnostics system, which gives vehicle health report to the driver, and, of course, navigation system.

In my opinion, it’s really good and useful. The number of mobiles devices grows very fast and people want to have possibility to connect them to their cars. This is a wise decision of Microsoft to expand its zone of dominance.

Driving LED Emoticons

Driving LED Emoticons
I really need this gadget when I drive my car:

The Driving LED Emoticon is a battery powered, wirelessly controlled message sign that can be attached to the rear window of your car via the included suction cup. A remote control unit is kept in the front of the car (fixed to front window, dash, or laid in a storage compartment) to activate the messages by pressing one of its buttons.

It’s extremely easy to install the Driving LED Emoticon on the back window of your car:
Driving LED Emoticons
To display a desired emotion just press appropriate button on the remote control. The Driving LED Emoticons is available on ThinkGeek and tagged by $29.99. Hope it’ll be enough five emotion on the Cyprus road 🙂

[via Ideal Gadget]


Amazig, fabulous, incredible concept from Honda was announced today at the LA Auto Show:

Sports car in shape and design, the low-slung REMIX features a wrap-around canopy that adds a fighter jet-feel to the driving experience. The aluminum-color exterior accentuates every line and curve in the geometric, yet fluid styling. Capable of delivering more than just driving performance, the rear storage area supplies generous cargo room

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The power of a PC in your car

PC car The Karputer brings the power of a Windows XP PC to the car, complete with an integtrated satellite navigation system, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth capability. You can control the Karputer via several input methods, including the touchscreen or the wireless mouse and keyboard. In addition, the Karputer is able to run other normal PC tasks such as playing DVDs, MP3s, as well as games. The ICEPAC2 unit is small enough to be installed into any vehicle and uses a 7″ XGA motorised touchscreen LCD screen for its display. It is powered by a 1GHz processor, and will cost anywhere from £1,689 for the barebones version to £2,000 for the whole works.

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Let car control the distance

Nissan unveils distance control

Nissan has announced an electronic system that helps drivers control the distance between their car and the vehicle in front. As you can see on the picture there is a front bumper-mounted radar sensor to determine the following distance and the relative speed of both cars. The system notifys the driver about danger sytuation by a lighted indicator and a buzzer, automatically moves gas pedal upward and applies the brakes. Personally, I don’t like it. I prefer a manual transmission because it gives me a full car control. I prefer to apply brakes by myself because I know when and how I have to do that. I’d like to live in smart home but I woudn’ like to drive the thinking car!

[via Autoblog]