Does Speed Driving Kill?

Regarding Leonid Mamchenkov post and an article in Cyprus Mail by Barry Faulkner. Mostly, I’m agree with Barry. He thinks like very experienced driver and doesn’t write about drivers level on Cypus. Most of them don’t know anything (or some basic thing) about driving except where is an accelerator. They don’t have a control on the road, thay don’t see other cars. And it’s terrible. In Russian drivers do dangerous thing but they mostly contol the situation.
About the speed. It should be comfortable i.e. a driver should see others cars around, think about their possible maneuvers and shouldn’t be strained (but he have to be concentrated!).
Also, the problem is most drivers have rough ideas about rule of the road and they are excessively relaxed! Those facts cause most of accidents on the road.
Another thing the experienced drivers should always think about other unexperienced who drive near :).
And finally about assertion that speed driving kills by itself. In my mind driver’s stupidity kills and … absence of guardian angel :). Take care and good luck on the roads!

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10 thoughts on “Does Speed Driving Kill?”

  1. > mind driver’s stupidity kills and … absence of guardian angel

    em, i’d agree with the first part of the statement, but have my doubts about the second. you won’t really blame your white lighter for going out for a lunch just when you decided to get into your car 😉

  2. Michael,

    I don’t agree with you about “Russian drivers do dangerous thing but they mostly contol the situation.”

    Firstly, in Russia, getting driving license involves only 10 lessons, with only one of them in the city. In Cyprus you have to take 30.

    Secondly, both countries test only for the basic vehicle handling. Collision avoidance, vehicle stability, and driving at speeds above 100 km/h are not covered neither here, nor there.

    So, I don’t see the truth in your statement. 🙂

  3. Leonid, don’t make me laugh about that you have to take 30 lessons. You don’t have to take a single one. It’s up to you, as it is in every country.
    In Russia, I took 10 lessons, all of them on the city roads.
    I see your point though about having extra lessons teaching you on the advanced safety aspects, like driving in wet conditions, at high speed, in the dark etc. And I agree that it would be useful for any driver whatever experience they have. Sometimes you just can’t gain a skill without theory even with a lot of experience.

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  5. 2 Leonid:
    The number of lessons is not a good criteria. The is a very serious theoretical exam in Russia when you want to get a driving license. To pass it it needs to solve many problems related with different road situations. After that drivers know at least basic rules.
    Also, why you don’t see the truth in my statement? It’s my personal opinion based on my experience of driving in the big city (5 years are not short period ;)) and about 2 years driving on Cyprus. So, I can compare 🙂

  6. Michael,

    neither country obliges drivers to pass advanced driving tests. Learning how to drive a vehicle at 50 km/h is one thing. Driving it at 100+ km/h is a totally other story. Wet roads, darkness, highway vs. city roads, etc – are all other examples.

    That’s why I think that your statement “Russian drivers do dangerous thing but they mostly contol the situation” is false.

    If you had a different expeirence – good for you. But the fact that you had different experience does not by itself mean that it is indeed so. 🙂

  7. 2 Leonid:
    Ok, ok but how it’s possible that driver who don’t drive right, who cannot contrle the situation on the speed about 50 km/h can drive safe on the higher speed?
    The statement ‘Speed kills’ was produced because the probability of accident by driver’s mistake or by technical problem rises with speed the same way as it can be in heavy rain, icy etc.
    In my opinion, people must learn very carefully rule of the road before starting learn driving on high speed 🙂

  8. Michael,

    I am NOT saying that “driver who don’t drive right, who cannot contrle the situation on the speed about 50 km/h can drive safe on the higher speed”.

    I am saying that before driving in high speeds one has to LEARN DRIVING IN HIGH SPEEDS. Just learning how to drive and passing the regular driving license exam is not enough. Driving at 50 km/h and at 150 km/h is very different. Some things that you learn for the regular driving don’t even apply to high speed driving (examples: breaking, gear shifting, etc).

    And since neither Cyprus, nor Russia teach drivers to operate vehicles at high speeds, I am saynig that both Russian and Cypriot drivers operating vehicles at high speed DO NOT control the situation and DO NOT know what they are doing.

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