Voices Of Eden

Voices Of Eden is a chillout set mixed by RebeL9 and Espe. It’s 140 minutes amazing, relax, dream music. Don’t grudge time and traffic. It’s worthy of it!

Here is a playlist of Voices Of Eden:

Part 1 – mixed by RebeL9:
1. Replicant – The Conspiracy (White Isle Remix)
2. In Credo – Siesta Del Sol (Laid Back Summer Cut)
3. Fluid In Motion – Mind Of The Killer
4. Y-Traxx – Mystery Land (Moonwatcher Remix)
5. Solar Stone – Jabberwock (Chillout Mix)
6. Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Mandrake Chillout Breaks Full Length Mix)
7. Miro – By Your Side (Illinton Remix)
8. Lange – Frozen Beach
9. The Chillseekers – Continoum
10. Miika Kuisma – Sirius
11. Dutchforce – Deadline (Moonwatcher’s Dead Calm Remix)
12. Recluse – Isle Dauphine (Ambient Mix)
13. Jose Amnesia – The Eternal (Sunrise Mix)

Part 2 – mixed by Espe:
14. Saints & Sinners – Peace (Michael Woods Remix)
15. Explorer – Twilight
16. Schiller – Weltreise (Schill Out Mix) (Reworked)
17. Alectric – A Day In December
18. Blank & Jones – Breezin’ (Bruno From Ibiza Remix)
19. Max Melvin – Sometimes
20. Mirco de Govia – Time Travel
21. Kosmas Epsilon – All Is Heaven (Ambient Reprise)
22. Bod – Copycat (Wicket’s Ambient Mix)
23. Miro – Holding On
24. M-Seven – Invisible
25. Illinton feat. Coco Sapur – Desert Storm
26. ATB – Triology

UPDATED: DJ Espe contacted me and gave me a full version of his mix with hight quality. So, be free to get a new version of the excellent mix!
Also, the new chillout mix of DJ Espo and DJ River is going to be here soon!

Download (MP3 | 268 MB | 256 KB):

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21 thoughts on “Voices Of Eden”

  1. Downloading…

    BTW If you are going to keep it without password, soon you’ll have huge traffic. At least,I had

  2. I don’t think so. As I can see via Google Analytics not so many people visit my blog. If their number will increase I’ll remove MP3 file and leave only playlist 🙂
    Do you like this mix?

  3. Hello Michael, thank you for sharing this album. I’ve been looking for “The Chillseekers – Continoum” for a very long time. I had it once but by mistake I deleted it… =___=

    I wonder if you have a 192kbps version. Would you please upload that single track for me? I really want a (at least) 192kbps one…

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi,

    I am listening the mix. It is great. Helps with this quite dark mood I currently have.

    BTW, if I am not wrong, I have some relatives in Russia with the familyname Stepanov.

    Greetings from Northern Finland.

  5. Hi Blackwater, nice to see that you like this mix. Recently I had quite dark mood too and this mix helped me to survive it. Anyway, the good new is DJ Espo one of the authors of this mix contacted me and gave me a full version of the mix with good quality. I’m going to upload it on my site today.
    I’m really Russian and originally I’m from St. Petersburg. So, we are neighbours 🙂

  6. So I’m listeing to this Voices of Eden mix on Winamp and I began searching for it, and I have stumbled upon this mirage of a blog which I thought had contained false links and have or be irrelavant to my search. However I’m proven wrong, and for a good reason, first of all thank you for hosting such a rare mix…and second of all thanks for hosting this whole site altogether, I’m enjoying this fine selection of remixes here, an excellent job I must say.

  7. Hi !

    I am also would like to have the mix, can you send an e-mail to me with zhe link?

    Thanks in advance !

    Kinetix / Hungary

  8. Voices of Eden is simply amazing. Is there any way that I can get this CD or download the tracks?

  9. Any chance this is still available, I want a listen of my own as I have seen great reviews. Thanks!

  10. I’ve had trouble finding Voices of Eden, I was wondering if you know where I can get the high quality version of it, or if you could send it to me that’d be awesome.


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