Top 100 DJs Vote 2007

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DJMag – well-known publishing about club culture holds a voting to find 100 the best DJs of the world this year. My voting here:

  1. Armin van Buuren (for sure, he is the best!)
  2. DJ Tiesto
  3. Paul Oakenfold
  4. Paul van Dyk
  5. Nick Warren

Do not miss you chance give your votes for your favorite DJ! Voting closes on 25th September. Results announced at a glittering party in London on 24th October.

Armin Van Buuren again on Cyprus!


Yesterday Maria and I were in the club Pavilion in Nicosia where the DJ number TWO – Armin Van Buuren played his live mix. It was really amazing – the club, the sound, the laser performance, the absolutely crazy people around and, of course, Armin’s mix!
Armin came to Cyprus second time this year. The first time was on 2d June.
So, Armin started his mix at 1:45. There was an another DJ who played really boring and annoying music. But Armin … Armin is the best! So, we had a good time!

Make a music with Beaterator

If you’re a music fan and cannot live without it Beaterator is defenetelly for you! The Beaterator is free Flash-based sequenser and mixer that allows you to make your own sounds, loops and 8-traks compositions. It supports IE, Firefox or Opera. So, you won’t be limited by web browser (usually IE). Once register you’ll able to download your songs to your PC and share them between friends.


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The Virtual Piano

Once I wrote about Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard for Nokia 770. Here is another “laser-based” device – Virtual Piano. Using a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element, the device projects a 25-key 2-octave keyboard (a virtual 88-key grand piano can be created by increasing the size of the device.) onto the surface in front of it. The surface shouldn’t be black because it absorbs the light. A CMOS camera module and infrared (invisible) red semiconductor laser module detect which keys are touched, and the corresponding notes are emitted from speakers built into the device.
The keyboard has 3 other voices in addition to piano — organ, pipe organ and harpsichord. It is scheduled for release in Japan in November 2006 and is expected to cost around 15,000 yen (US$130).
The box-shaped device is extremely compact: measures about 10 x 3 x 3 cm and weighs about 100 grams.

Virtual Piano

[via TechEBlog]

Another great opera for Paphos


Many of you know that the Paphos Aphrodite Festifal takes a place every Autumn since 1999. This year the Marinski Theatre from St Petersburg will be travelling to Cyprus to perfom Un Ballo in MascheraThe Masked Ball a colourful opera written by Guiseppe Verdi.
The opera will be performed on Friday 1th, Saturday 2th and Sanday 3th September 2006 at 20:00. The tickets are available at £s;20 – £s;45. For moe information, please, visit
We are going to be there! Definitely!

Rock Speakers for Smart Garden

The Gray Stone Outdoor Entertainment System may look like a set of three elegant garden stones, but inside is a full AM/FM/auxiliary stereo outdoor entertainment system. The main rock has an 8-inch subwoofer and 160 watts, while the satellite speakers are 6.5-inch two-way speakers with 100 watts each. The central rock includes a marine-grade digital AM/FM tuner as well as a concealed storage compartment and hookup for your iPod, MP3 player or CD player.

Outdoor Stereo Speakers

Sting’s Broken Music Tour

As many of you already know Sting is going to be on Cyprus in 10 June. He concertize in Tsirio Stadium at 21:00. We already bought the tickets in the Musical Paradise shop. They are still available there by £25. This is a very reasonable price for show of the big music star.
Last year we missed Elton John show and we regreted about it a bit. So we decided to buy the tickets on the Sting’s concert beforehand and did it :).

Sonos Digital Music System

Sonos System

Sonos offers nice looking, wireless, multi-room digital music system that lets you play digital music over house (for flat it’ll be to much I guess). The system contains ZonePlayer, Controller and Loudspeakers. There are two models of player: with built-in amplifier and without it. To control the system it sports a wireless, handheld, iPod-like Controller with color LCD. Installation of Sonos system is extremely simple. The price is $1199 (depending on complectation).
Sonos looks nice and its functionality is nice but it’d be greate system if it can play video as well. Because currently Sonos plays only audio.