Who to be productive with blog

web worker daily

Web Worker Daily gives 10 ways be productive with your blog. Well there are two which I like more than others:

8. Force yourself to do research. A lot of time I will procrastinate on research for as long as possible. But when it comes time to write a blog post about something, I am forced to do that research so that I can write about it in the post. That’s good incentive, and you can accomplish a lot more research if you post every day or at least a few times a week on your blog.


9. Become a life-long learner. Ever have something you want to learn about? Well, do a series of posts (or an entire blog) on that topic. Writing about it every day will force you to learn it well enough to explain — the best method of learning there is. In this way, you can teach yourself dozens of subjects about which you would otherwise be ignorant.

I try to follow by those suggestions when I post about something in my blogs. And it really help me find more information then I get from the original source.

New blog face

Recently I upgraded my WordPress blog up to 2.1.3. Right after that I decided to change its theme. I spent many hours to look at newest WordPress themes. Then I tried to apply some interesting ones to my blog. Finally, I chose this theme. It looks nice, clear and modern. So, I moved all customizations from the previous one and I hope it works correctly.

Yet another blogging service

VOX Logo
The company Six Apart, which gave online community TypePad, Movable Type and Livejounal, is going to release a new web service – VOX. What is the VOX? VOX is the place where you can blog, store and share photos, ideas, mood. It allows to keep all your favorite stuff in one place.
Submit your email to get VOX invitation here.