Free online video converter

Video Converter

Yesterday Movavi launched Movavi Online – a web-based service that enables users to convert video from one format to another for sharing, podcasting, cellphones, iPods, and more. The service is free but with some limits such no DVD ripping, no merging many video files to one, no possibility to improve uploaded video by apply special filters and tools. But you may get those features and more just setup paid account.

The service supports a range of popular video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPEG 2 (PAL and NTSC), MPEG 4, iPod at 320×240, iPod 5G at 640×480, PSP, 3gp and 3gp2 for cellphones, MOV for podcasting, and FLV Flash video.

From companion sites Movavi also offers at no charge six different widgets with which bloggers, designers, developers, individuals and companies may embed a line of code in order to offer video conversion services from their own Web sites, blogs and social networking pages.

Recently I spend some time to find video converter to convert my video from one format to another. Finally I found some shareware tool for Windows but it was not perfect. Let’s image you’re Mac OS or Linux user (I don’t speak about MPlayer :)). So, era online services and tools is coming quickly!

Listen your favourite RSS

Odiogo software

Using Odiogo software which contst only $29.99 you can easily to listen your favourite RSS:

Odiogo downloads your favorite RSS news and blog feeds and converts the text into spoken word—easily heard on your MP3 player, when and where you want. In other words, you can convert any RSS news and blog feed into a Podcast!

It’s really cool and it may save a lot of time. Especially for citizen of megapolises. While you go to work in subway, for example, you already know all latest news.