Ford offers fantastic communication system together with Microsoft

Ford Sync

The name of a wireless hands-free communication and entertainment system is Sync. For $395 you get possibility to connect various devices such mobile phones, portable media players etc to your car audio system. Additionally Sync includes integrated diagnostics system, which gives vehicle health report to the driver, and, of course, navigation system.

In my opinion, it’s really good and useful. The number of mobiles devices grows very fast and people want to have possibility to connect them to their cars. This is a wise decision of Microsoft to expand its zone of dominance.

MSN soapbox goes beta


Microsoft lanched Soapbox – the web service similar to YouTube. The service is working now as private beta. But Microsoft is accepting requests from users who would like to test it (basically, it’s modern tendency).

Microsoft is planning to integrate soapbox with Windows Live Spaces, allowing users to add videos to their profiles, control who can see various videos. You’ll also be able to watch videos together with other users through an instant messaging program.

[via PVR Wire]