Nokia 870 spy shot


Nokia 770 is very popular now. IMHO, it’s the best product of Nokia. So, it’s reasonable that Nokia decided to release next version of Internet Tablet. The new model – Nokia 870, will have a built-in webcam, which can apparently rotate to face towards or away from the user, 180 MB internal memory and SD slot instead of RS-MMC. Internally it’ll be still 770 and it’ll run OS 2006. The new model won’t have a slide-in “dock” casing which is useless IMHO.
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[via Engadget]

Nokia 770 Application Catalog 2006: Xournal

Yet another useful application for your Nokia 770 – Xournal:

Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus. It is free software (GNU GPL) and runs on Linux (recent distributions) and other GTK+/Gnome platforms. It is similar to Microsoft Windows Journal or to other alternatives such as Jarnal and Gournal.

Back to OS 2005

Recently I decided to upgrade my Nokia 770 up to OS 2006. The procedure of upgrade is very simple. There is a Windows utility which make this procedure easily for Windows guys. But you can use flasher under Linux as well.
My first impression of OS 2006 is very positive. It looks much better than OS 2005. But the most significant change is an application installer. It works now similar to apt-get utility. So, it’ll be easy to update installed packages. Also, the application installer uses dependences for packages.
But after playing with the new OS I returned back to OS 2005. Because the OS 2006 has a new architecture – ARMEL and there is not way anymore to install Debian packages for ARM. Well, I’m going to work with OS 2005 till all packages needed for me (mainly related with SDL) will be ported to the ARMEL.