Fix for WP plugin Flickr Photo Album

I use the WP plugin Flickr Photo Album a few years. Together with Firefox plugin Fotofox it makes inserting procedure of images into posts very simple. However, I found a problems with that plugin recently. I couldn’t activate it anymore. The page is just reloaded and plugin’s status remained ‘Inactive’. This simple modification fixes the problem. In the file tantan-flickr/flickr/class-admin.php change add_action to register_activation_hook function as follows.

add_action('admin_menu', array(&$this, 'addhooks'));
//add_action('activate_tantan-flickr/flickr.php', array(&$this, 'activate'));
register_activation_hook(__FILE__, array(&$this, 'activate'));
//add_action('deactivate_tantan-flickr/flickr.php', array(&$this, 'deactivate'));
register_deactivation_hook(__FILE__, array(&$this, 'deactivate'));
add_action('load-upload.php', array(&$this, 'addPhotosTab'));

Google Gears brings Web 2.0 to offline

Google released an open source toolkit for offline web apps – Google Gears:

It provides 3 significant components to the browser ecosystem. A multithreaded javascript environment, which provides a restricted background taks JavaScript environment for accessing remote data source without blocking the main UI. Adding support for local data storage is a new set of javascript APIs. The storage support transactional data based on SQLite. The last part is local application caching wich hosts data locally and pulls down updated data

The fist web application which starts to use Google Gears is Google Reader. I setup that feature today morning. It works perfect! Waiting for Gmail and Google Docs.

The new technology store online data to be available in offline mode will be very useful for travel web workers and people who have slow internet connection (yes, unfortunately 56K is reality in many places in the world).

[via O’Reilly Radar]

Spam protected contact form

Recently I started to receive a lot of spam messages from contact form of my blog. It really makes me crazy! I hate spam and I hate spammers! Great plugin SpamKarma protects my posts but it doesn’t do anything with contact form. So, I googled it and found a patched version of Ryan Duff’s plugin. There is a customized question which helps to identify a human (2+2 by default). It can be changed easily via admin interface. Enjoy!

GeoPress Adds Maps to WordPress

GeoPress plugin was released yesterday. It allows to to embed locations and maps in a WordPress blogs without coding:

As evidenced by the remarkable adoption of geocoding in Flickr (over 4 million photos have been geo-tagged in just over 3 weeks) people want to add this data to their content. GeoPress enables that for a WordPress blog. It allows the user to easily add maps and geo-coded locations to their posts. Blog posts can also be organized by location. Embedded locations and addresses are inserted as microformats and are syndicated out in GeoRSS 1.0 (which was finalized and released last week at FOSS4G).

[via O’Reilly Radar]