Perl on Rails

BBC developers has announced its own Perl MVC framework – Perl on Rails. As you can understand from its name the new framework is similar to Ruby on Rails. The BBC Programmes was developed using the Perl on Rails.

Actually, there is a few Perl MVC frameworks like Catalyst, Ganty, Maypole or Jifty. If Perl on Rails will be released as open source it’ll make the popular program language more attractive to develop enterprise applications.

Playing with Ruby

I need to add support a new interface panel to the my Plutohome installation. To do it I use Generic Serial Device (GSD) which works perfect. GSD has embedded Ruby interpretator to provide a tool for implementing desire device logic. In my case, I receive a hexdecimal binary string which contains a device ID, device port, command and data. All of them should be converted in integer exept data. The data should be converted in float. I found this solution how to convert hex string to float on Ruby forum:
irb(main):001:0> s='0x44361000'
=> "0x44361000"

irb(main):002:0> f=[s.to_i(16)].pack('L').unpack('F')[0]
=> 728.25

I like Ruby. It’s the similar to Perl but, of course, with some specificity.