Google Desktop now on Linux

Recently Google announced a Linux version of its Desktop. It allows to search in local files and internet from one interface. Google Desktop supports many types of files such documents, images, music etc (it takes information from service data I guess). Moreover, you can make a search in your search history (sounds funny – search in the search, but I use that feature often) and GMail. Full list of features is available here.

Google Desktop is multilingual application. So, you may use it with your native language. Google Desktop for Linux can be downloaded from here.

Perl Oneliner: Recursive Search and Replace

I like Perl and I use it every day. It’s cool to make a simple scripts in one line to do some routine work. For example, my first Perl oneliner formats Apache log to be easy readable. Here is another good example of Perl onliner (it isn’t my actually). It makes a recursive search and replacement:
Perl -p -i -e 's/oldstring/newstring/g' `grep -ril oldstring *`

[via About: Perl]

Smart Search Beta

Smarthome blog

I’d like to introduce a new service in Smarthome blogSmart Search. This search engine is proudly powered with Google Coop and allows to search smarthome relasted hardware and software. Currently there are more than 40 selected (by me, of course) sites. But their number will be increased including your requests. So, do not hesitate to recommend interesting sites about smarthome technologies.
The Russian version of the Smart Search is also available.