Smart Search Beta

Smarthome blog

I’d like to introduce a new service in Smarthome blogSmart Search. This search engine is proudly powered with Google Coop and allows to search smarthome relasted hardware and software. Currently there are more than 40 selected (by me, of course) sites. But their number will be increased including your requests. So, do not hesitate to recommend interesting sites about smarthome technologies.
The Russian version of the Smart Search is also available.

Playing with Ruby

I need to add support a new interface panel to the my Plutohome installation. To do it I use Generic Serial Device (GSD) which works perfect. GSD has embedded Ruby interpretator to provide a tool for implementing desire device logic. In my case, I receive a hexdecimal binary string which contains a device ID, device port, command and data. All of them should be converted in integer exept data. The data should be converted in float. I found this solution how to convert hex string to float on Ruby forum:
irb(main):001:0> s='0x44361000'
=> "0x44361000"

irb(main):002:0> f=[s.to_i(16)].pack('L').unpack('F')[0]
=> 728.25

I like Ruby. It’s the similar to Perl but, of course, with some specificity.