Wireless Router with NAS option

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Belkin recently announced its new N+ Wireless Router with very interesting feature. It allows to connect external USB drive to use it as NAS. The router supports draft 802.11n 2.0 which increase wireless data transfer significantly. Additionally it’s equiped with gigabit Ethernet ports for reliable high speed wired connections and download Speedometer bar for measurement of the download speed of your network.

The Belkin’s N+ Wireless Router will be available next month at just $119.99! Good price for such kind of devices.



Recently I got a full set of Starwars episodes. I already watched 4th and 5th. It’s great movie by the way. But in the mean time I found that cool USB hub designed as R2D2. It has 4 USB ports. Additionally it can blink red and blue LEDs, play some sounds from the movie and do some movements (it’s fun by hope it can be switched off).

The R2D2 USB HUB will be available on August at $68.55.

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