Moving photoalbum to the Flickr

I started thinking about moving my photo album to the Flickr. It’s good idea. Especially because Flickr offers an excellent integration with WordPress. To insert a bar with your Flickr photos into your blog you can easily use badge. Passed just six simple steps you’ll get HTML-code with customized view to insert it into blog. It may be used to notify blog-readers about your new photos.
To integrate Flickr albums belonged to you use Flickr Photo Album plugin for WordPress. It allows to embed your sets into wordpress design. This is definitely what I need. I’m going to buy pro account and start to moving all my photos right after my vacation.

GeoPress Adds Maps to WordPress

GeoPress plugin was released yesterday. It allows to to embed locations and maps in a WordPress blogs without coding:

As evidenced by the remarkable adoption of geocoding in Flickr (over 4 million photos have been geo-tagged in just over 3 weeks) people want to add this data to their content. GeoPress enables that for a WordPress blog. It allows the user to easily add maps and geo-coded locations to their posts. Blog posts can also be organized by location. Embedded locations and addresses are inserted as microformats and are syndicated out in GeoRSS 1.0 (which was finalized and released last week at FOSS4G).

[via O’Reilly Radar]