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New mozilla-based for N810 browser much faster then MicroB

Good news. The Firefox 3 is gonna be released soon. There is a big list of improvement such reducing of memory usage, increasing of performance etc. In parallel developers are working with mobile version of web browser based on Firefox 3 beta 4 source code. It’s named Fennec. According to tests it 5.9x faster than… Continue reading →

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Eclipse plugins for Maemo Development

Maemo Team recently released a set of plug-ins for Maemo Eclipse integration. It allows developers to use Eclipse IDE to develop and test Maemo applications. Actually, the set contains following parts: maemo PC Connectivity, maemo ESBox plugin for Eclipse IDE and maemo Pluthon plugin for Eclipse IDE. Maemo PC connectivity makes connection between developer PC… Continue reading →

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Accessing the Nokia N800 camera

Linux-based Internet Tablet Nokia N800 is very popular. Even coming N810 is not going to replace it completely (I’m not talking about windows-based Origami). Using Maemo SDK it’s fairly simple develop new applications or porting existing ones. For sure to be success you need a right documentation. Following article from IBM.com explains obviously how to… Continue reading →

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