Picasa Web Albums grow up to 1Gb!

Picassa As a user of Picasa Web Album I’m happy to know that Google increased album space from 250MB to 1GB which should be enough to store up to 4000 standard-resolution photos. Additionally, a new Community Photos search feature was created to help you discover and explore the public web albums of others on the site. Plus the procedure of link albums or photos via email, IM or website is much easier now. Just copy and paste showed code.

[via Lifehacker]

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6 thoughts on “Picasa Web Albums grow up to 1Gb!”

  1. I’m having 6.5Gb of space in picasaweb since long ago – it just depends on how much you pay. In any case be it 250Mb or 1Gb it’s just not enough for a decent photo collection especially if you are uploading original resolution photos (like I do).

  2. It’s been several times when I appreciated my decision to keep originals in picasaweb. Say tomorrow you buy an 1080p HD 46″ TV (1920 by ???? pixels) and you want a pleasure of sharp and clear full screen picture and all you’ll get is a stripped centered image 🙂

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