Visit to Limassol Beer Festival

Yeasterday me, Maria and Elena went to Limassol Beer Festival on Sea Front promenade. We already were there last year and we didn’t expect something special. We’d like just be dispelled. Limassol Beer Festival was exactly the same as in previous: expensive beer, chaotic situated beer booths and many stuff which is not related with beer at all (I don’t harp – I just establish a fact)!
But, in spite of everything we had fun! Beer + Rock-N-Roll = good spirits!
I suggest to all who like live music and draught beer visit Limassol Beer Festival. One of the best bands in UK – Damian&Hannah – guarantees the joyful mood! Don’t mees that!

Athletics Festival in Limassol

The big Summer event on Pareklishia Beach (between Hawaii Grand and St. Raphael Resort) 29-30-31 July 2005 – Athletics Festival! Beach handball, beach volley, beach soccer. Leading athletes from Cyprus and abroad will gather together in this unique event and compete under the hot summer sun. Enjoy games of high standard that offer power, talent and rich spectacle from both men and women! Also, there will be sun, sea, music and fun! Be there!

Mexican barbeque in El Pueblo

El Pueblo invites all foodies on Mexican barbeque! It starts on Friday 29th July from 19:30 till late. Also, there will be pool bar, special drinks price and guest DJ!
El Pueblo is situated opposite Appolonia hotel, not on the main road. It’s easy to find it.
Pesonally, I like that place. You can find there real Mexican atmosphere, good service and excellent Mexican food! Enjoy!

Life Jazz in Galatex

Yesteday at night we saw some jazz band which plays in Galatex near Starbucks. Live music, excellent coffee (after visit to Starbucks and testing cofee I just laugh when somebody tells me that American cannot make a good cofee) and good company – all that is needed to have a good time! It looked nice but unfortunatelly we needed to wake up very early to go to the airport. So, we didn’t have any chance to listen good jazz. Hope it was not last time.

New Road in Larnaka Airport

Today early morning (3 o’clock) we went to Larnaka airport to take our friend Elena. I was there probably half year ago. So, I was surprised how the road was changed. It was only two traffic lanes. Now there are four traffic lanes which are the similar as highway and a big flyover crossing which is under construction. It’s very useful because now it’s much easier to reash the airport and return back!

New Limassol Cinema Schedule

It seems that people don’t like to go to cinema at Summer time. To have some profit the theatres don’t play many new movies. They just shift performances of previous movies.
Regarding Leonid’s recomendation you can watch “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” or be horrified by “Boogeyman”!
Also, you still can know about “Batman Begins” and see “Wars Of The Worlds”. Enjoy!