Olympic Games finished!

Olympic Games

XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens was closed yesterday. Russia is second in the countries rating by medals. It’s great news because our olympic team began faintly (we were on 11th place). But Russia finished very good – we are proud of our athletes!
Next Olympic Games will be in China in 2008. I’m affraid it will be a triumph of Chanese athletes.

Medals Rating

Shrek 2

Shrek 2

I watched “Shrek-2” last Saturday in “Rio” cinema. I haven’t made a fun of movie for a long time. This is incredible, fabulous movie! In my opinion, the sequel is better than original. There are many gags, mock feature (pursuit of Shrek, Donkey and Puss In Boots).
Donkey is traditionally the best, but Puss In Boots is sudden windfall – “For you, baby, I can be anybody you like”.
Far Far Away is looks like California – villas of famous fairy characters, expensive shops, clarence-limousines and so on!

Puss in boots
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Chesters Beer Festival

Chesters Beer Festival
Yesterday was first day of 7th Annual Chesters Beer Festival. There were many people, beer and fun. A German band (I’m not sure about its nationality) played live music on the big stage. People consumed beer, smoked cigarettes, had a fun, mixed and enjoyed rock’n’roll!
So, you have a chance to have a fun today and tomorrow! Don’t lose it!

Russian on IBIZA

Triangle Sun
Russian musicians – Alexander Kozlov and Vadum Kapustin AKA “Triangle SUN”
project performed at the legendary place of Ibiza – Cafe Del Mar on July, 5 2004.

Genre of the music of “Triangle SUN” can be defined as ambient or easy listening. They use ‘live’ instruments such as guitar, piano, fluetes and combine them with nice male vocal.
You can try to listen sample from the future album on “Triangle SUN” site. Enjoy!