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Find video with blinkx


Usually to search something in the web people use some keywords. Google provides an efficient way to make a search not only text documents but in the PDF, MS Word etc which are not readable without special applications. Now it’s time to search a video by words which occur there. Unfortunately, Google cannot help you but Blinkx can. Blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine:

Unlike other multimedia search engines that attempt to re-purpose technology built for the Text Web, blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video. Today, blinkx is the world’s largest single index of rich media content on the Web, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo!

Where did all my money go?


If you ask yourself that question every time at the end of month you need Expensr. Expensr is moder, free Web 2.0 service which gives you a simple way to keep a home bookkeeping. Debit, credit, charts and analysis help you save your money and know where they exactly go. You can make your data as a private or share and compare them with other Expensr members. With Expensr your family exchequer is under control!

YouTube video downloader and converter


Sometimes low bandwidth Internet connection hampers to enjoy videos from YouTube. offers a simple way not only download video from YuoTube but convert it into appropriate format: .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .3gp, .mp3, and .flv to allows watch it later on your PC, PSP, iPod or mobile phone.

You may be interested to know about another ways to download YouTube Videos.

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Personalize your virtual desktop


If you’re working in web you need to have something similar to office desk. It may help your potential customers to gain some insight about you and your business before they start talk with you. One possible place to organize your working place online is Facebook. Sure it can be used just for fun as many others social services. But those 12 tips will help you use Facebook professionally. My favorite is “Limit time wasted on Facebook”. IMHO, it’s very important. “Facebook is a black hole. In order to get the most of Facebook, you have to be on the platform.” Sure, you may spend whole day paling with applications, but you have to work! Don’t forget it. Facebook should work for you but it shouldn’t be opposite 🙂

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Edit your photos online


If you need to edit your photo but you don’t have Photoshop on your PC Phixr can help you do this online. It is a pretty advanced online photo editor and offers functionality similar to Photoshop Elements. Additionally, Phixr allows to import images from Flickr, Fotopic, Photobucket, Picasa, Smugmug, and Webshots, as well as from any URL and from your local hard drive. After editing the photo can be saved as a JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF or perform OCR (text recognition). Also it can be emailed or uploaded to all of the above, as well as Buzznet, Costco, DropShots, Fotolog, ImageShack, or LiveJournal.

There are at list five similar online services:

So, you have a choice 🙂

UPDATE: Petri Piirainen pointed me to another online tool for image editing – It provides automated solution natural looking and consistent results. It uses innovative method which detects the illumination that was existent when the original photo was taken, detecting any errors of the imaging devices. Better results are achieved through advanced modelling of physics (photonics and color science).

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Free online video converter

Video Converter

Yesterday Movavi launched Movavi Online – a web-based service that enables users to convert video from one format to another for sharing, podcasting, cellphones, iPods, and more. The service is free but with some limits such no DVD ripping, no merging many video files to one, no possibility to improve uploaded video by apply special filters and tools. But you may get those features and more just setup paid account.

The service supports a range of popular video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPEG 2 (PAL and NTSC), MPEG 4, iPod at 320×240, iPod 5G at 640×480, PSP, 3gp and 3gp2 for cellphones, MOV for podcasting, and FLV Flash video.

From companion sites Movavi also offers at no charge six different widgets with which bloggers, designers, developers, individuals and companies may embed a line of code in order to offer video conversion services from their own Web sites, blogs and social networking pages.

Recently I spend some time to find video converter to convert my video from one format to another. Finally I found some shareware tool for Windows but it was not perfect. Let’s image you’re Mac OS or Linux user (I don’t speak about MPlayer :)). So, era online services and tools is coming quickly!

Track the web with Listio


If you’re web geek you might be interested to see all Web applications in one place. New web 2.0 project – Listio offers you that possibility. You can find application by category or rating, read info, vote and so on.

Listio might be interesting also for web application owners. There is a possibility to add your product into catalog and it will be definitely good promotion for your service. So, everybody should find Listio useful 🙂

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