Track your time with

To take stock of your working time try It’s simple but power on-line application allows to create project, assign some task to it and add a time spending to resolve the task. The has clear interface without some web 2.0 features but quite enough to store and get working time. It’s possible to generate report based on project or dates, build some charts, send result by email as Excel, PDF or plain text file.

I’m not sure is is appropriate tool for teams. But it’s the best IMHO for individual using.

Upload documents via email

Google Docs are very cool and useful service. You can create, modify, share, public, export, import etc your text documents or spreadsheets. Moreover, those documents are compatible with MS Office and Open Office. Now Google added another useful feature – create a new text document (spreadsheet is coming soon) via email. Go to upload page and copy a secret email address. When you send email to this address the text of the message or its attachment (Word, HTML and RTF supported) gets uploaded to Google Docs, with the email subject line as the title.

Manage your work hours

Toggl is online service offerred time and meeting tracking. You can keep your working time only or manage your team. It’s possible create unlimited number of projects and users using free basic functionality. You can invite other users in your projectes with the invitation function. Additionally, Toggl offers record meeting agendas, post future meeting dates, and archive past meetings so that the entire team can stay synchronized.
Personally, I use myHours to track my working hours. I like it becaose it has a pretty simple user interface and all functionality which I need. Maybe I’ll try Toggl as well. Who knows probably it’s much better.

Yet another Online Spreadsheet

EditGrid is the new kid in the Online Spreadsheet Comunity. It offers whole (almost) set of MS Excel features and more: allows multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously, uses web browser as user interface, allows to do export/import in many formats, offers API to use of EditGrid in your application.

Other online spreadsheets:

Here is a comparison matrix between EditGrid, Google Spreadsheet and WikiCalc.

This kind of applications are good and useful for the individuals and small companies. But there is a problem of privacy (I’m talking about services similar Google Spreadsheet). When you store some sensitive information on the server of third part company you should trust it. Or you should be ready that your documents will play against you.